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All characters involved are 18 or older. This is a first-person narrative told in-character, all awkward grammar and mis-speakings are hopefully deliberate.

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But, it's accurate, so what're you gonna do, right? It all started on the day I faked being sick so as to not go to school. Well, really, it started way before that.

Probably with my porn collection. Like a lot of horny teen guys, I watch a lot of porn. And I jerk off to it. Well, ok, I watch a hell of a lot of it, and I jerk off probably way more than the average guy.

I Fucked My Mom Up the Ass

Like, most people seem to talk in how many times a week, in my case it's how many times a day. And three is kind of average, really. But I'm pretty sure I don't have a problem. Sure I guess I don't get outside reverse cowgirl fucking ass much, and I've skipped homework, and come in next day groggy after jerking til the sun comes up