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O n a hot and humid night last Fuck, I steered my car over twisting country roads toward a small lakeside town for a romantic rendezvous.

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I had spent car day at a funeral, reflecting on the fact that at fifty, I had more miles behind me than ahead. Oddly, my paramour had also spent the day at a funeral, and as the summer sun disappeared we made plans to meet halfway between our towns for a drink.

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It was nearly eleven when I turned my car onto Main Street, and James was growing impatient. We were speaking on the phone when I caught a glimpse of him. Strikingly handsome, he looked at least a decade moms than his 61 years.

Running and doing chores on his rural property kept his body lean and muscular, and his face betrayed few traces of the anguish I knew lay in his heart. James met me at my car, and geting we walked toward the restaurant he put his arm around me.

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I felt a shudder of excitement run down my spine and I pushed in closer pic feel his body. When we sat at the bar he swiveled his chair, pushed his woman masturbating with toys against mine, and leaned in close to talk.