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Bruised but defiant: Mona Eltahawy on her assault by Egyptian security forces

Mona Eltahawy has a knack for egypt hatred. Egyptian activists and bloggers have called her an alien, man-hating, woman-hating, out-of-control psychotic.

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Non-Egyptian bloggers have called her a Muslim Nazi bitch. Most people would wilt in the face of all this vitriol, ridicule, and angst. Eltahawy, a journalist-turned-pundit—activist, seems to rather enjoy it.

These 'virginity tests' will spark Egypt's next revolution | Mona Eltahawy | Opinion | The Guardian

Since the revolution broke out in Egypt on January 25,this media-savvy New York—based Egyptian has fashioned herself its global spokesperson. And in the intervening two years, she has found a new career as a provocateur.

Besides her numerous articles, girls has taken her activism into the proverbial street. In Novembershe took part in the protests on Mohamed Mahmoud Street in Cairo; an ordeal with police and military intelligence followed, including a sexual assault and broken limbs.

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As with most everything else she does, these provocations are documented exhaustively on Twitter. I should say that I went to meet Eltahawy in Harlem last November still outraged by her Foreign Policy article, and by half a dozen other things she had written.

Mona — everyone calls her Mona, whether they like her or mona — unhinges many of us with her seemingly boundless self-regard, her bluntness, her eagerness sex court controversy, and young teens gagging sex — well, her one-dimensional reductionism.