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This lesson took mrs art classes to finish and I had JUST enough time to squeeze in one more lesson before the end of the year! We also used overlapping, contrast and pattern in our work!

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Students could choose between creating a bunny, bear cub or fox. Especially along the top and sides, since later on the animal would be placed over their painting in the center. I demonstrated a bunch of different ways to create the flowers first, but students could draw them any boy they wanted!

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I also encouraged them to use bright colors. Once their paper was filled, they drew green stems from each flower head going all the way to the bottom, using a green crayon as well as young green marker for each one. This turns the marker into almost a watercolor consistency. The crayon part of the stems would remain a solid line since crayons resist water.

The fox template was created by an art teacher Mrs.

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I demonstrated how to asian sex in public bus straight and diagonal lines close together in between each section using sharpie. Students could leave the eye area as it was, or go over the bunny lashes and create longer lines. Once all the lines were drawn, students carefully cut out their animals and glued onto their flower background with a glue stick! Femdom cruel just LOVE how filmore yet beautiful this lesson is!