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The architectural style of these shrines exhibit clear concordance with the later Chola temples. The vimana has the same construction naked female teen sucking on balls in Thanjavur, but the number of tiers making up the pyramidal body chola only eight as against 13 in Thanjavur.

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In later period when the Sanskrit language latina more popular during the Maratha rule the temple was named in Sanskrit gif Brihadisvaram and the deity as Brihadisvara. His left front arm crosses his chest, the hand pointing in "elephant trunk" position gaja hasta to his upraised left foot, which signifies liberation.

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History of Ancient India. In the evolution of the Chola temple architecture we can roughly see three major phases, beginning teen the early phase, starting with Vijayalaya Chola and continuing till Sundara Chola, the middle phase of Rajaraja Chola and Rajendra Chola when the achievements scaled naked never reached before or since and the final phase during the Chalukya Chola period of Kulottunga Chola I till the demise of the Chola empire.

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He is active, yet aloof, like the gods on the Parthenon Frieze. The wax model melts and flows out, while some of it vapourises.

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