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We are very supportive and honest to each other. We make each other laugh, we take care of each other, and we make an effort hang out whenever we can since we are both very busy people.

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I have a good feeling about this relationship and I am excited to see where it goes! This goes both ways.

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Recently, I was browsing through Instagram and noticed he liked some photos of girls in provocative poses. I decided to ask him about it, he seemed uncomfortable and wanted to avoid answering the question.

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I love you not them. I let it go but since then I have found myself looking to see what type of pictures he likes. I feel super guilty for snooping teens first time anal bang it also makes me feel like crap.

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Am I over thinking the pictures? Is it bad to be too honest with my boyfriend—should I just keep everything to myself? If my boyfriend were looking at and liking sexy pictures, it would probably bother me too. Are the pictures exploitative or do these girls seem to be posting them because they want the attention and exposure? Thinking other people are sexy is normal, acting on that is what causes harm. Questions may be edited for clarity and length.