Naked ladies on cruises

Imagine peering out across a vast and watery landscape, undulating with the crest of waves, a sensual, salty mist kissing your face, as you grip the railing of your cruise ship for stability, seeking some greater balance in life.

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Now imagine you are coasting on that same cruise ship, but you are naked among strangers, the term personal space and influencer taking on altogether different meanings.

Cruising into the world of Nakations.

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Nude cruises are another limb on the trend tree called nakations. Waving to their tame compatriots on cruises shores of clothing option beaches, or flashing a smile at adventurers on adults-only retreats, the nude cruisers have taken to the high seas, atop the throne of naked royalty. Based in Austin,TX, Bare Necessities has been streaking across the water sinceproviding a safe and comfortable atmosphere for travelers open to clothing optional vacations.

Their first cruise had a bare naked tourists on board, yet bythe company had chartered the person capacity Carnival Freedom, fittingly named Big Nude Boat.

Cruise secrets: Crew member reveals clever way they fool passengers on board

This impressive ship boasts all the expected high octane offerings, such as water slide, casino, dance club, game room, spa, restaurants and bars. The ladies presentation on the Bare Necessities website takes viewers on a virtual tour of the entire ship, though uses ladies terms funnerfunnestand funnified more times than the average grammarian can stomach. The Naked Iguana, a poolside tequila bar and cantina, becomes all the cruises blue when Bare Necessities charters the ship.

Truthfully, how cantankerous can one be while sitting nude in a hot tub, chatting with fellow travelers holding their cocktails in their hands? Bare Necessities posts a set of guidelines they entitle decorumwhich seem reasonable enough.

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Another option for travelers looking to shed their clothes along with their inhibitions is Bliss Cruisewhose next cruise is scheduled for November