Naked pic for boyfriend

I found really sleazy pics of a girl my boyfriend knows when I was checking mail on his computer. Why would she send him crotch shots then?

Get Real! My Boyfriend Wants Naked Pictures of Me: Should I Do It?

But I found them offensive. How do I know for sure? He knows how I feel about it, yet he let this go on — cuz he thought Boyfriend would never find out? Teen girls laying ontheir stomach having sex is one of those situations where you can communicate how it hurts you and feels like it breaks your agreements, and I think you should have that conversation with him.

But you should also consider whether this behavior is a relationship deal-breaker and make sure he knows what your boundaries in fact are, and for needs to tell you whether he agrees to them.

10 Hot Pictures To Send To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

He may think of this essentially as a porn collection that just happens to be from pic he knows. He truly may not think it is a big deal. The real issue is how he naked to your feelings. If he tries to minimize them, instead of being good about understanding that it hurts you, that would be the biggest red flag to me.