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N early every woman has been called a whore, but we rarely bother to find out for ourselves why such an identity is supposed to be women threatening.

Many men's sexual rites of passage involve sex workers, but women are rarely encouraged to visit strip clubs or prostitutes.

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Instead of actual experiences, women learn from news stories about the horrors of stripping and prostitution, or hear contradictory accounts from feminists and sex workers. After realizing that our curiosity and ignorance about sex work could only be dispelled through greater experience, my women friends and I spent several weekends in San Francisco visiting strip clubs and paying women for lap dances. Strip club row on Broadway runs through the middle of North Beach, a neighborhood famous for old beatnik happenings and Italian immigrant culture.

Today it's an upscale nightspot and tourist jennifer anistom nude photos full of swank bars, cafes and expensive Italian restaurants.

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The most famous strip club landmark has give The Condor, now a sports bar, lap featured an enormous nude woman with red flashing light bulbs for nipples. Now only naked neon letters remain. After swooning over a plate of creamy tiramisu in North Beach, Annie, Lisa and I ventured up Broadway dances search of the kinds of naked women that the Condor no longer advertises.

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