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Sexual Violence during the Holocaust – May We Speak?

I nformation on sexual violence during the Holocaust is not well known, as much of the discoveries were made fairly recently. In fact, it is still a controversial topic; some believe that the topic distracts people from the significance of the Holocaust.

Others think that there must be reasons why the survivors did not speak out and insist that the topic not be pushed. The rape of Jewish girls and women took place beginning in the s.

Disturbing Photos Captured Inside The Jewish Ghettos Of The Holocaust

Sexual abuse was prevalent even outside the camps. Soldiers went to Jewish homes to rape young girls in front of their parents and wives indian teacher mms front of their husbands. S exual violence was used as means to subjugate, exert power, and humiliate Jewish women. Nazi soldiers forced women to strip in front of them and stay naked for hours.

Watching the women dance naked or whipping their naked bodies were frequent activities for Nazi soldiers.

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Afterwards, some soldiers cut off the breasts of the abused women. She was dead.

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Her dress lifted and pants torn off her body. Silva had to live with the German commander.