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By Amber Jamieson.

I went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square

A york girl in a hot pink T-shirt looks up at me as if staring at a princess. Can I take a selfie with you? Andrew Cuomo says they remind him of the bad old days; Mayor Bill de Blasio immediately created a task force to try to ban them. So on Monday night, I new one of the performers, Saira, 29, after work.

Times Square's painted naked ladies face ban in New York

A baby-faced rapper wannabe, Chris works as a combination artist and security guard. He told me to turn up at 2 p.

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He would provide naked headpiece and robe. Chris told me how it works: Then, in the middle of Times Square, they throw on a robe and strip underneath it. Babes cousin, David, would mind my bag, take photos and be ready to pounce if anyone tried to touch me inappropriately. That evening I purchased my outfit: Wednesday, at the corner of West 44th Street and Broadway, I take a deep breath and open my robe.