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I had a couple of drinks last night and the duvet is on lengthways on the bed which means I can see my toes. So naturally, and I think this is pretty obvious, I got to thinking as to why there aren't any nude beaches in Ireland. Beach weather has a lot to with it but not in the way you might think.

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Here's a warning now: You might say the weather is against the babe beaches. The weather doesn't stop us going to the beaches fully clothed but our climate does have a major influence on us men keeping on our swimming trunks.

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Here's why, and you'd nearly have to be water man to understand this. The male member is prone to shrinkage when exposed to the cold. The sea is not warm at this time of the year and so if a man cold in to the water naked, and comes out naked, well then his manhood will have shrivelled, thereby causing him embarrassment nude loss of face.

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So there you'd be after coming out of the cold water with your manhood downsized by the cold and you meet the woman from next door, who tells all the neighbours you're a pathetic figure of a man and then every time you take a walk down the street, or go for the paper, and someone gets a fit of laughing, you think they're laughing at you, when they could in fact be laughing at something else altogether.