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You know you're not supposed to stare at people with disabilities. But female not?

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What if you accidentally see an amputee who was attractive and looked great? Why should you turn your head away? And furthermore, why isn't this person supposed to be attractive?

Amputees there is a barrier between people with disabilities, especially amputees, and those who feel themselves attracted to them and want to know them better, and vice-versa.

That is nude prejudice and it needs to change—which is why Markus last name withheld designed Ampworld.

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This website is the brainchild of my wife, who lost her left leg above-knee after a tragic traffic accident. Ever since she was a child, my sex video and picture download had dreamt of becoming a leg model. However, the revelation came when she entered a model competition a couple of years ago. Being ashamed of her physical condition, she had hidden the fact that she was wearing a prosthetic leg.

It was only during the last round of the contest when the judges eventually noticed the artificial leg. My wife was disqualified straight away.