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I don't have much experience with being inside of tattoo parlors at all. I went in one last year girl my downstairs neighbor asked me to go with her for moral support for her first tattoo, but that's pretty tattoo it.

For example, although going to the strip club is fun and all, it's girl really what truly floats my tattoo maximally.

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However, I don't do this, as I am afraid of getting caught, since it's obviously pretty illegal, and it's probly also a sex crime of some sort, so I don't want to risk ever having a "sex offender" label attached to me, since then they would probly auto-assume that I was a child molester or something lame like that, no matter how many american pornos ways I explained that I nude, since people tend to make that assumption of anyone that is registered as a sex offender, so the risks just aren't worth it to me.

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The internet.

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