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Get naked or fail: Professor requires students to take final in the nude

The class is Visual Arts A: Dominguez says the class involves students acting out a series of gestures. A mother of a student in the class claims that her daughter was forced to perform nude for her final in the class, or risk getting a failing grade. She asked to remain anonymous.

It makes me sick to my stomach. He said all of the students including himself were naked, and he defends his policy. Dominguez also says that his students know what is expected of them from the beginning of the semester.

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But the mother althetic bodied horny naked women her daughter was never told that was the expectation. There is a perversion going on here.

Only in France: Pupils (and their teacher) pose naked for school photo - The Local

Shame on him and shame on the university. In it he states that the class is not a requirement for graduation and that students are not required to be nude. The course is not required for graduation.

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