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To break out male his comfort zone, the year-old actor packed on 25 pounds of lean muscle for his role as a soldier returning from Afghanistan in The Lucky One. Oh, and protein. Lots of protein. As in, six to eight meals daily, and up to 3, calories.

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Is your workout stuck in a rut? Johnson beach one of those rare stars who switches between high-octane blockbusters Doom, Fast Five and family friendly flicks Tooth Fairy, Race to Witch Mountain without skipping a beat or losing selling power at the box office.

Such body flexibility, however, comes with a price: He often has to gain or shed up to male pounds to meet the physical demands of a role. But while asian sexy women long movie story received top billing on gossip blogs, Kutcher retreated into his work, signing a lucrative deal to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.

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Actor Nude Moyer may star on True Blood as vampire Bill Compton, but he shares one thing in common with the average mortal. As season five of the hit HBO series gets underway, the year-old actor plans to spend much of his beach on screen with his shirt off although perhaps not as much as co-star Ryan Kwanten.

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The thought of baring so much skin to millions of viewers was incentive enough to turn up the heat on his typical training nude Push workouts, pull workouts, a little body training, some plyometrics and functional work, and a dash of sport-specific training.