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Blogger Charlotte Allen recently took to task the overly sensitive parents of middle schoolers who were outraged that the administration of Haven Middle School in Evanston, Ill. Allen contended middle the parents needed a reality check.

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Dad fucking girl with son dress code — and many schools have similar ones — is just about girls not willfully distracting boys and boys not enthusiastically succumbing to it, she said. Then she came to this mind-blowing conclusion about parents: School-age kids as well as professionals — men and women — dress for school and the workplace in a variety of styles, often casual, even more yoga body-conscious.

Middle schoolers and high schoolers grew up dressing casually, making pilgrimages to Brandy Melville for tiny cutoffs and tight jeans. Of course, there remain professions with strict, formal dress codes.

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As for the maligned leggings, they are as ubiquitous and unremarkable as jeans these days. Nude wear them.

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Seventy-six-year-olds wear pants. The point is that leggings, for all their body-hugging, are awfully mainstream these days. There are limits. How to define them school all is difficult.

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The letter said that a school advisory team would meet to discuss the dress code Tuesday.