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Part of what mormon Hamilton brilliant is that it forces audiences particularly white audiences to recognize that whiteness- in this particular narrative and in general- is not just a default invisible non-race, that it is a choice. She had to stay. Joyce needed to feel betrayed by unreal boobs family and her community.

Amazi-Girl needed to face a threat that was leveled up from the previous showdown her own father.

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Dina… needed to be in the best strip ever. And I could do it all without sacrificing Becky. Often in fiction, bad stuff happens to gay ladies, and then the narrative just gives up on them.

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Meanwhile, stories bend over backwards with supernatural zeal to keep straight folks happy and together with whatever love interest they met tumblr minutes ago. So bad stuff is happening to Becky, but milf and friend narrative says Fuck No.

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And they all work together, somewhat unwittingly, to shut that jackass down. The universe will melt in the face of her. And she girl get that shining final moment with her father where she backs away, all grins, double birds. The last word. Because goddammit, she gets nude win this time.

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Fuck you, dad!