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So much has been written about Bloomsbury art it is easy to nude how little we have seen of it. Two things can safely be predicted: Why has Bell for so long been so profoundly underrated?

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All the usual reasons: Vanessa to which she was Virginia Woolf's sister. This has william helped her reputation in a 20th-century culture that has valued literary brilliance way above achievement in pic visual arts. Vanessa Bell the bell was as radical as Virginia Woolf the writer.

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I have come to think her more so. In her simplified portraits and mysterious dream landscapes painted from onwards, she invented a new language of visual expressiveness.


Bell and Grant's still-life paintings of are among the earliest pure abstracts in the Europe of the time. Though so proudly independent, Bell understood the value of creative collaboration, in a sense that still seems modern.

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The in situ art at Charleston, the farmhouse in Sussex where she lived with Grant from onwards, has altered the whole way we think about the decoration of interiors and the objects we arrange around ourselves at home. For Bell, art was all-pervasive, and intensely personal.