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Elizabeth Turner was the girl of Governor Weatherby Swann.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (comic)

With a daring soul and nude need to break social limits, she had for quite some time been entranced with the freewheeling universe of marauders to a point of learning a tune about privateers as a youngster. Throughout the years, Elizabeth bloomed into a lovely youngster, however was forever discontent with the princely, local the she had been naturally introduced to. Born in London, England, Elizabeth drove a genuinely protected existence of benefit all through her youth.

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Since the passing of sexy half black porn star significant other, Governor Swann had brought up comic little girl all alone.

Much to her dismay what experiences would come from this game changing experience. As an end-result of his assistance, Elizabeth supported Jack Sparrow in getting away from the scaffold, and after that left Norrington for Will Turner, her way picked.

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Elizabeth likewise compromised Cutler Beckett with a gun. Elizabeth was a talented swordswoman, which gave her the capacity of standing her ground against various adversaries.

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