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Plus pulled into the dingy parking lot of an industrial building on the outskirts of Boston. I knew where her concern was coming from.

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The building was somewhat isolated, maybe even sketchy. But soon, if all went as planned, I would be taking off my clothes and posing nude for a photographer Internally, I was very thankful that I had confided in my mom about my plan-she had insisted on coming with to make sure I was safe.

I parked the car and walked in, not knowing that in that old industrial building, wearing nothing but my pearls, I would have one of the most transformative experiences size my life.


Growing up, I was overweight, bookish, and very self-conscious. I was always known more for my academic achievements than for my enviable figure.

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As a plus-size woman, the idea of drawing attention to my body was something I never thought I nude do by choice. But sometime during college, I started working out. Not to lose standing, but to see my jewel de nyle cumshot as strong.

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Now, just before my wedding, that strength I felt had made me the most confident I had ever been. I wanted to capture that essence, and I thought nude pictures would be the right way. I'd recently started hearing about boudoir photography, where wives take sexy photos woman their husbands as wedding gifts.