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Greetings from me, Tuggers. No matter the weather, a good game of tug-of-war is sure to get both you and your dog a great upper body workout. What does your dog get out of a good pull with you and why are dogs so crazy for this playing style?

Some dogs are really into tug-of-war. Shredded socks, snagged sweaters and ragged rope bones are evidence.

Tugger Fun: Why Do Dogs Love Tug-of-War?

Adult graphics novels teenage girls may have wrestled your old tennis shoe away or witnessed a stretchy toy losing its old.

Why are they so into tugging? First, tug-of-war means exercise with their best friend. That pack activity gives everyone warm, fuzzy feelings—including your living room floor if the toy is truly destroyed in the process.

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Second, tugging feeds into the animal instincts. Young animals play to learn survival skills.

Miss the old burrito - Tuggers

We are descendants of wolves, so we still have the impulse to engage in wild pursuits. Finally, when you join your dog for a tug, it encourages collaboration.

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It bonds you together as a pack even more. Teach your dog how to play.

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