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The topic of this page has a Wikia of its own: Password was a game show where one player teams up with one celebrity overview order to try to showcard a secret password by using only one-word clues.

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One player from each team both teen or both contestants was given tamil amature sex password while the home viewers saw the word on their screens accompanied by the announcer saying, "The Password is Then the clue givers gave a one-word clue to get their partners to say the password.

In the ABC version, the first team got the option to pass or play. Teams alternated turns until one guesser said the password which gave the team points according to how many clues given, starting at 10 and ending with 1 5 in the ABC run.

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Should the guesser on the team in control say a form of the password, the guesser got one last chance to say the exact word. Whenever an illegal clue was given, a buzzer sounded, and the guesser lost a chance to guess the password, and giving away the password by the password givers ended the word. The decisions as to whether the clues were good or bad were made by a word authority.

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