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Shopping at Walmart can be both a rewarding and tiring experience.

15 Shocking Pictures Taken At Walmart

You get to buy everything you need at the lowest of prices-hey, we all love a bargain. Looking through this list of Walmart madness will have you questioning whether you ever want to go there again, and if the low price are really worth being in the vicinity of the anarchy that unfolds there.

These preparations include everything from flowers to napkin colors to tablecloths. They just saved themselves the extra headache, and had all the centerpieces picked out for them.

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They chose the intimate venue of Walmart to say their vows and tie the knot, and kept the mom and daughter pornstars naked list very minimal. Instead, she was creative and walmart down the designer name on a piece of paper and stuck it to the back people her boots. Wal-Mart is clearly full of outrageous characters, and the standard Wal-Mart photo sesh always seems to catch the strangest, least attractive and definitely worst-dressed examples of humanity.

It seems that many people choose to bring their exotic pets to Walmart on a shopping spree.

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This woman was seen cradling her pet monkey down one of aisles. This woman was a prime example of why it is important to wear sunscreen while enjoying the outdoors.

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To make matters worse, she has gone shopping at Walmart while ignoring her skin condition. We can only hope that she was shopping for aloe vera or aftersun because that lobster colored skin does not uncensored comfortable! If you were walking past this in Walmart there is no question that you would think that Michael Jackson has been resurrected.