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After watching a long-forgotten VHS tape they found in the garage, Phineas and Ferb women being raped porn to make an phineas porno movie. I do not own Phineas, Ferb, or any related characters.

Audioboom / Season 3 Episode 5 – Fluff Me

I received no financial compensation for writing this. This story was written to be funny and true to the characters and yet wildly pornographic.

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Did it work? You be the and. Note numero dos: This story depicts the stories characters and their same-age friends engaging in graphic sexual activity. If that bugs you, time to stop reading. This would make for a nice surprise ferbsex their parents and, with any luck, provide some inspiration for their project for the day.

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That was how they found the old VHS tape and the very bottom of a long-unopened box. Their dad kept a VCR connected to the television to watch his old stories monster movies and Pinhead Pierre videos, so the boys had popped the tape in phineas watched, mesmerized, for the next 80 minutes.

Or maybe carpenters. They were working in the back yard—Phineas building a movie set, Ferb composing on his synthesizer—when Isabella came through the back gate. How about you round up some talent while Ferbsex and I finish up here?

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