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In-depth interviews were conducted with 81 Black MSM ages 20—39 years who were purposively recruited from four townships.

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The pics interviews addressed sexual behavior and free streaming nude video, alcohol use, and safer sex. Pain during RAI was brought up by many participants without specific prompting from the interviewer.

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Analysis of the interview transcripts revealed that pain was a common male of first RAI experiences but was not limited to first-time experiences.

The participants attributed pain during RAI to partner characteristics, interpersonal dynamics, lack of lubricant, and alcohol use or non-use. The main strategies participants used to address pain during RAI were setting sexual boundaries and lubricant use; a small number of participants reported purposefully consuming alcohol to prevent the pain associated with RAI.

Pain can occur during anal anal when the external anal sphincter is not relaxed; because the anus does not self-lubricate, lubricating substances are also needed to reduce pain from friction Hollows, Other causes of pain during anal penetration may be sexually transmitted infections STIs such as herpes, or other anal health issues such as fissures and hemorrhoids Hollows, Experiences of pain during Male are not uncommon and vary on different dimensions e. Pain during RAI may be either situational i. In a sample of primarily white, gay-identified men in the U.

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Such symptoms could result from or precede incidents of painful RAI. In the African context, factors that are unique vulnerabilities for MSM elevate the issue of painful RAI from one of individual to public health significance.

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Against the backdrop of the criminalization of homosexuality and high HIV prevalence in many African countries, African MSM face substantial barriers in accessing culturally appropriate and competent sexual health care. In some cases this leads men to self-medicate, seek intercourse from unqualified health workers, or not be forthright about their symptoms when seeking treatment Okal et al.

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