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I always slept naked as a young man. It was, after all, the Swinging 60s.

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Sleeping these days I give even myself a shock if I wander in front of malija sherawat getting naked full length mirror stark naked. If I got up in the middle of the night to confront a burglar he could well have grounds for suing me for unexpected trauma outside the normal hazards of his occupation.

Hitting him with a hammer might be acceptable in self-defence but giving him a heart attack because of wanton nudity could be construed as a step too far. If not for naked, people beyond a certain age cover up for comfort and warmth.

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In the pictures, I wear shorts and a T-shirt for bed. In the winter, I wear anything I young lay my hands on. In fact, in girls depths of winter I have a fur coat handy in case I have to go downstairs to let the dog out or the cat in. I could nude with the best of them.

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We once played nude rounders at midnight in those halcyon hippy days of flower power until someone stood on a hedgehog. A nude race around the block was de rigueur after most parties, which takes some believing. Not that we took our clothes off but that we could still run.