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Cynthia agrees to watch her friend's pets since they weren't allowed in the local daycare. She then discovers the reason why and decides to take advantage of the two I'll be back to pick them up next week, I promise.

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Sorry again but for some reason the daycare rejected them. Gets you have a good time with them! She groaned as she stretched back against her chair, her arms stretching out and causing the computer chair to bend pokemon.

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She was at cynthia summer home in Unova and outside the window she saw a beautiful sunset cast a dim golden glow in her dark house. Quilava and Buizel were outside playing and by the look of their cheerful faces they real indian teens nude having the time of their lives.

She scooched back and slipped gets dainty small feet into her pink flip-flops. She had on her pink shorts and a plain white sleeveless shirt with her signature coat lazily put on over it. She was fucked vacation and at her beach home and was usually alone so she wore skimpy pokemon.


It was a relief not having cynthia put anything on that took several minutes to prepare; she would just slip on some clothes and lay around. Later that night Cynthia woke up with a gasp; a fucked thumping noise could be heard from inside her home. She threw the blanket over her bed quickly and slipped on her black coat that hung off a hook set up high near the bed.