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Here's a list with stuff I'm not happy with. Please comment on it before we engage into a revert-fight all over again. If we cannot reach consensus, I'll go for Third Oppinion and the help of admins and other users.

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Best regards, -- Plum couch Talk2Me Preity Zinta, I know that you all want to change completely her page, but please pay attention to some important requests. I dare to ask all of you that, because I have worked very hard on this page. Best Regards. Don't you think that if she hadn't had appreciation for DHT in she wouldn't have been signed for her next high profile films?

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One more thing is that people who read this career section may wonder how can it be possible that after successes we jump into the year without any mention of We can't ignore I know it makes me like an obsessed fan of Preity but it's not like this. I just want to create a logical and chronological order.