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The Rave, aka the epicenter of EDM culture.

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Go with the right group of friends and it can be the experience of a lifetime. Be careful though! These two share a listing because they are the essentially the same person.


The Bro has his fraternity; the hipster has Urban Outfitters. There is always some guy walking in the crowd muttering "molly, molly, molly, anyone need molly," as if they are trying to find someone.

They are very aggressive at times in their attempt to sell and are always looking out for security with a sketchy look. They will never be in rave clothes, but closer to undercover cops. There is a good chance you are buying baking soda, rat poison or fentayl in their caps.

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It would be the worst drugs you could buy. Sober is a much better option. I have no idea rave these dudes even go to a rave. They are constantly catching the attention of security by tagging up the porta-potties or lighting up a blunt. There are some people who just cant keep it together. They come into the festival somali girl sex story they are totally sober, but in kissing they barely remember going to the festival.