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Ask Drew Scanlon — he knows all about it. His reaction face, interpreted usually as a look of incredulity, has been incredibly popular on Twitter this month.

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Android snapchat quality is trash compared to iPhone Android User: When you're guys a fight and they make a good point pic. As a video producer at Giant Bomba popular gaming website, he features in at least five hours of videos real cj miles nude fucked naked for the site, as well as on its podcast. The gif itself is taken from an episode of a Giant Bomb show called Unprofessional Fridays, which was filmed back in Scanlon and his colleagues were watching their editor, Jeff Gerstmann, play a game called Starbound.

The moment comes just as Gerstmann says: I do public appearances, birthday parties, and bar mitzvahs.

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Contact gifs agent for day rates. But this month it sped into the meme calendar after a viral tweet about a biology class. Since then, pretty much it has been non-stop.

He also got a weird insight into the Twitter accounts which rip off popular tweets as their own.

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