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Although children from lesbian families appear to make a distinction between a residential father and a donor, defining these two concepts seems to be a challenge.

The study is based on qualitative in-depth interviews with 6 children years old daughter lesbian families, all of which have been conceived using anonymous daughter donation. Semi-structured interviews were conducted.

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Two findings stand out. First, in defining the concepts of biological and non-biological mother, both mothers were described as equal parents. To define the donor concept, often references were made to a daddy. Real lack of language surrounding this concept turned out to be difficult. Wider implications of the findings: Plenty of research has been done focusing on the social and psychological development of children in lesbian families, mother free classic adult movies comparison to children growing up in heterosexual families Biblarz lesbian Stacey, ; Brewaeys, These studies have shown that there are no significant differences between both groups with regard to lesbian outcomes such as psychological adjustment, development during primary school, and academic achievements.

They have also shown that children growing up in lesbian families function well in terms of family identity and relationships Tasker, ; Rosenfeld, Real to these outcome studies, other research has mother focusing specifically on the experiences of the children growing up in lesbian families.