Real mutual masturbation

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Most people know what masturbating is and if you don't, here's the scoopbut the words "mutual masturbation" might raise some questions for you. Let's demystify the term. Mutual masturbation means self-stimulation a fancy term for touching yourself in front of your partner.

Masturbating is usually something that people do by themselves, but it's still called "masturbation" if someone else is in real room with you. Mutual masturbation can also refer to partners manually stimulating each other, such as a man fingering a woman while she stimulates his genitals with her hand.

There's no one correct way to do it -- mutual can be done with the lights on or lights off, one at a time or simultaneously. It's all a matter of what you and your partner are comfortable with and what you enjoy.

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Mutual masturbation can be fun and intimate in a way that other types of sex are not. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:.

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Talk about it beforehand: What do you masturbation