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Official Site: Towering mesas out of Monument Valley.

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A horseback odyssey across the mountains in pursuit of an outlaw. A declaration of romantic devotion pure enough for John Ford. A Native American arrow zipping out of the air.

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Shootouts and hangings. A shack blown up with dynamite. The Zellners know just how to use their star cast.

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The two men head out of town, with a miniature horse named Butterscotch in tow, and everything seems casual until Samuel informs the parson that Penelope has, in fact, been kidnapped. He needs help in rescuing her.

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Not to mention the moment when he demonstrates his devotion by masturbating to her image in a locket. The movie unfolds with an invisible wink, yet the pace is so stately and deliberate that at moments one is tempted to call it glacial.

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Penelope turns out to be the toughest character in the movie: She has no patience for any man who would destroy her happiness. Wasikowska, under a chopped wedge of blonde hair, gives her true grit; her straight-shooter line readings are punchlines of rationality.