Sabrina banks

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Banks is specialized in all hair textures from curly, wavy, coily, super curly. Curly Haircuts are a dry-cutting technique that is performed on curly hair in its natural state.

A Curl by Curl cut. WOAH your Curls and bring them back to life with deep conditioning treatments to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

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This special technique of painting free hand hair strands brings out more dimension in your curls. Recommend milfs on the spring break just a little color play without the high sabrina of keeping up every visit. All Services are listed at base pricing. Pricing is subjective to change and may vary from client to client depending on hair density and timing.


All new and potential clients will need to send in a brief hair history previously hair color dyeany chemical treatments ect. I have to ensure that my next client's appointment will be accommodated on time so please prepare your Hair for your appointment as stated above. This service includes shampoo, banks and style. Please arrive with your hair styled as Day 1 or Day 2 hair. Service includes shampoo, hair mask and style.