Sarah oliver getting fucked

bad girls club miami on Tumblr

Talking about using hairspray and a lighter to set them on fire and then sodomizing all them hoes by shoving an umbrella up their asses and opening it. Bad Girls Club 11 is a complete mess. Sarah was bullied by all the girls.

All the girls in the fucked are fake as fuck, so wishy-washy. And by the looks of the previews Janelle is going to get the same treatment that Sarah got. Mimi is a punkbass bitch and she did not win that fight. You call scratching eyes oliver real fight?

BGC 11: Sarah Oliver and some girl who slept with Rob Kardashian

What a weak ho. Okay lol. Getting today I caught up on all of the BGC Miami episodes and let me just say… this season is wack as sarah. So first, the realest bitch in the house, Sarah, gets sent home.