Semen milking

There are many reasons why artificial cow insemination semen preferred.

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First and foremost is that it makes it much easier, and less costly, to inseminate a large number of cows. Also, with the AI method, the farmer does not have to bring an actual bull to the farm, which saves both time and money. In order to keep the milk production at a high milking, it is very important to conduct proper fertility management, Afimilk stands behind a world-leading automatic heat detection system, AfiAct.

Cow Insemination – How Does it Work?

To carry out AI, semen must be collected from the bull and then frozen. When the semen is frozen, it is stored in what is referred to as a straw, semen is basically a plastic tube.

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The semen is mixed with a type of cryo-protectant in order to stay group pictures of women s naked bottoms. Other substances that can be added to the milking are antibiotics, so that the cows inseminated will not contract bacterial diseases, and an extender, which makes it possible to use the amount of sperm for a greater number of inseminations.

The semen can be used either the same day or at a later time, even in a different location.

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In fact, AI has been carried out between different countries.