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A friend of ours took care of the logistics and swore this was going to be an amazing experience.

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That wound up being a really fun spring break. One time I stayed at school an extra daythough, so that was crazy. Someone came to inspect the room and we had enough of a heads up that we wound up frantically flushing it all down the toilet. It sex like a movie.

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This was a few years break college — we were 25 — but I think that still qualifies. My friend loved Hawaii so much he stayed. He just… stayed. Quit his job.

I think he initially got a job working at a sunglasses kiosk and then spring in a hotel.

10 Guys Share Their Craziest Spring Break Stories

And he used his savings to stay in hotels and couch surfed when he could until he was able to make a life for himself. I think he even worked at a farm at one point. It was maybe 10 of us. One of our friends went missing for around 12 hours and we really started to panic.

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For some reason, one guy was insistent he was captured by a cartel during though we were in a very safe area.