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Cartoon po rn Loffhagen. Sex scenes have a variety of uses in story telling — they can be the emotional climax of a central story or subplot, they can be a compelling way to build characters or share exposition, and they can offer up some much-needed titillation. Obviously, sex — and its depiction in fiction — is all about personal preference.

In short, whatever your tastes in terms of sex scenes, there are universal tips about craft that should still apply. As ever, they describe rules that great authors can bend and break at their leisure, but the first stop is always bed where those rules came from and why they exist in the first place.

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Depicting agency means showing the reader that a character has thoughts, opinions, and goals, and that their actions are extensions of those qualities.

When writing about sex, the most common way in which authors forget to write mutual agency is to write women as objects — their desires, thoughts, and motives subsumed in those of the male characters.

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Treating a female character as the gatekeeper of sex ignores her own agency — her desires and thoughts. Not just revealing what they think and feel about the encounter and their partner, but some of who they are.

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When one character is imagined as the gatekeeper of sex, the other becomes a plaintive figure. Often, the focus is on communicating how awe-struck a man is by bed woman, but many, many authors go too far.

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