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In the last several days there has been a lot of talk about videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids that are inappropriate for our children.

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One of those videos, the cartoon with the suicide clip, youtube brought to light right here on PediMom. I wish I could say that they are isolated incidents but unfortunately I cannot. My research has led me into a horrifying world where people create cartoons glorifying dangerous topics and scenarios such self-harm, freeteenpornvideos, sexual exploitation, trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and gun violence which includes a simulated school shooting.

All of these videos were found on YouTube Kids, a platform that advertises itself to be a safe place for children sex years old and under.

YouTube Kids. There is still a HUGE problem.

All of the following videos and sex are from YouTube Kids specifically and all were found by me just today. Here is a Minecraft video tube multiple shooting scenes one in a school and swearing. This is another Minecraft video with a shooting scene and swearing. This teen one is a cartoon suggesting human trafficking. There is lots of shooting, violence, and threats to kill in this one.