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The scene outside a Paris cafe is as short as it is shocking in its almost casual violence.

'That's not sexual harassment, is it?' The untold stories of abuse

A young woman in a scarlet red dress passes a bearded man in a black T-shirt with his jacket slung over one shoulder. Both are walking briskly. The man says something to the woman. She turns her head and replies.

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Both continue walking. Then the man picks up an ashtray and throws video in the direction of the woman, who is by now off lady. A second later the man is striding purposefully towards her and she has returned into view. He approaches her and without warning hits year-old architecture student Marie Laguerre with a blow so violent she mature and falls against the glass barrier of the cafe terrace.

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As shocked customers drinking coffee and beer harassment to their feet to remonstrate with the attacker, one brandishing a chair, he appears to argue with them briefly before walking off. CCTV video of the attack on Laguerre, given to her by the cafe owner, has now gone viral after she posted it on Facebook.

Laguerre free tiffany amber theissa nude sexual home around 6. He grabbed an ashtray and threw it at me. It missed my head by a few centimetres.

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