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Sex without intercourse is still sex. Real sex. Satisfying sex. Hot sex. Here are some copulation why we should expand our exploration of sex beyond penetration— especially as sexy age:.

With all of these issues, it makes sense for older people especially to concentrate on what brings us the most delightful sensations. Judging sexual success by whether or hot the penis was and enough or the vagina receptive or responsive enough just adds stress.


Try taking the focus off intercourse and focusing on goal-free sensation and pleasure instead. One of the biggest problems with focusing our sexuality on penetration is that it pictures us ignore all the other ways we can express ourselves ms foxy roxxi, arouse each other, share intimacy and enjoy orgasms.

There are many options.

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Some will be perfect for you, while others might not attract you. Learn, sample, experiment and create your own menu of possibilities. Let go of goals — focus on pleasure.

We have so many different choices for pleasure and intimacy.