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The opposite of the nerd girl with glassesthe sexy scene girl is the girl the internet nerd will never have a chance with. She is the epitome of coolness. She is everything they are not. They might as well just slink back to their basements.

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But everyone wants want they cannot have and for this reason, they are strangely fetishized over and above many of the other female denizens of the internet. Emo was the weird fashion craze sexy the nineties.

Every decade has one.

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The culture was focused on angst and the expression of feeling. Today it is mocked and ridiculed, but for a while it was wildly popular amongst scene young people. Emo fashion was generally a retro look, with tight fitting fifties sweaters and tighter pants. Hair pics usually long, sometimes died black an often with long bangs which is obscure one eye or part of the face.

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What is a sexy scene girl? The terms serve more to represent than to describe. The word is generally just used to refer to someone who is completely immersed in their particular scene.