Sexy women wearing sexy knee boots and mini skirts


Thigh-high boots are adding a sexy-yet-chic statement to skinny jeans, skirts and dresses. Here's how to wear the boots not look like a pirate.

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Twenty years later, tall boots are back, this time on ladies of fashion, not just ladies of the night. Now, over-the-knee styles are adding a sexy-yet-chic statement to skinny jeans and leggings, skirts and dresses.

Weitzman, who has made tall boots in past seasons, says over-the-knee boots are so popular now because women wear tights with many looks — even miniskirts and shorts.

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It sort of breaks up the whole naked leg look and becomes an acceptable adaptation of modern dressing. Options are plentiful: Choose a dramatic pair with a high heel, a mid-height wedge or a flat-bottomed boot. They come plain or embellished with chains, buckles and studs, and with details like distressing and lacing.

Boots at the Office: THE POLL

Depending on the style, they can add glamour to an evening ensemble or keep you warm running errands by day. The beauty of the style, he says, is that it lengthens your appearance, regardless of your height. It elongates everything. That means closefitting jeans or cigarette pants tucked into the boots, no flared pants or skirts and nothing flouncy. Weitzman, whose best-selling item is an over-the-knee boot calledsays 10 to 15 percent of boots for his pre-fall collection will reach over the knee.

Atwood is reissuing the limited-edition RZ boot, a collaboration with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe kerala women brest imeges sold out.