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On Sept. It was directed by Paul Verhoeven, the Dutch director who, emerging from the dugout three years after his walk-off home run Basic Instincthad solidified his position as emperor of the erotic thriller genre. By re-teaming with Basic scribe Joe Eszterhas, the aim of Showgirls was to recapture that psychosexual lightning in a bottle, as well as land a naked white girl group sex more satirical critiques of American culture, a trademark of Verhoeven's work.


The plot of Showgirls berkley one we've seen a million times but never quite spun this way. On its slick yet slimy surface it's a cautionary tale about innocence perverted and exploited in the morally bankrupt Las Vegas dance read: Sub-textually, buried beneath the sexual violence and awkward lapdances, is commentary on the exploitation of women, the inherent venality of capitalism, and how the system makes whores out of everyone in it.

Its NC rating meant it could go further in every sense of the word: Elizabeth Berkley, a conservative Jew from Detroit, seemed miscast showgirls Showgirls from the jump, having never carried a major motion picture in her career and being mainly known by American audiences as the neurotically liberal high school teenager Jessie Spano.

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However, there was method to Verhoeven's casting madness. Elizabeth Berkley, nude was a classically trained dancer, brought serious gravity and empowering femininity to the role of Spano, who served as a foil to the mullet-ed machismo of her jock love interest AC Slater, played by Mario Lopez. She was fierce and very left-brain star had a palpable vulnerability to her.