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Following the nomination, her public image came under close media scrutiny, [1] [2] particularly regarding her religious perspective on public life, her socially conservative views, and a perceived lack of experience.

Palin's experience in foreign and domestic politics came palin criticism among conservatives as well as liberals following her nomination.

This was "the lowest vote of confidence in a running mate since the elder George Bush chose then-Indiana senator Dan Quayle to join his ticket fuck Republicans cited her tenure in executive office, high popularity, past focus on ethics and energy issues, her personal life, as well as her command of the Alaska National Guard and Alaska's proximity to foreign countries among reasons for the choice of Naked girls porn moving images Palin.

Public image of Sarah Palin

Criticism focused on her limited foreign policy experience and work on major policy issues and claims of low amount of actual responsibility as well as alleged misconduct during her time in office.

Her readiness to step in should the president be incapacitated was also questioned. Sarah Palin cited Alaska's proximity to Russia and her dealings with foreign trade delegations as showing her the importance of foreign policy. Subsequently, a survey found likely voters were divided on whether Palin had the personality and leadership qualities a president should have.

Sarah Palin roundly ridiculed on Twitter after calling Stacey Abrams a "literal loser" |

A plurality of the television audience rated Biden's performance higher at the vice-presidential debate. Environmental organizations, including the For for Biological Diversitythe Sierra Club Alaska, and Greenpeace strongly opposed Palin's positions on issues sara energy and environment and criticized Palin for her skepticism regarding humans as the cause of global warming and her administration's positions on wildlife, including the attempt to have the federal designation of the polar bear as a threatened species removed.

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After being nominated, Palin's religious views came under increasing scrutiny in the media.