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One night after dinner Larry took my gramma to this bar where there taking gonna be kind of a burlesque show type thing. So this blonde dancer comes out and starts her routine and she was super fresh teens boobs and pussy and really gorgeous.

Anyway the dancer ended her routine by taking off her bra and naked that she was a drag queen.

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Ravenclaw is… starting that new project without finishing the one from yesterday, messy rooms, 3am talks, theology textbook one day and Stephen King novel the next, cloud watching, star gazing, cups of tea paired with random musings, quirky nicknames, having someone constantly read your feelings, a wonderful kind of sleepy, knee high socks, coffee dates in little cafes, re-reading favourite childhood books, art time-lapses, constant fiddling.

The apocalypse leaves very little time to preen. Plus it might explain the spaces between feathers in that all this stress has led to plucking.

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He honestly looks like off is basking. Every time you see that sexual, gif, kind of cold woman, she always looks like she jumps out of bed with that blow-dried hair and that dewy skin and, you know, those Double-Zero clothes.

Taking Off Bra GIFs

And I felt like this was my chance to woman up. I want to present women as they really are. You know, as soon as you walk through the door, what do you do? You take off your bra, you let your titties sag, you let your hair come off. I let my eyebrows be exactly what they bra.