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By addy on October 16, in Hot Gossip!

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The sex scenes appeared so realistic that many viewers were convinced that Tony and Tang Wei really performed it. While promoting the film at the time, both Tang Wei and Tony insisted that the sex a little woman skinny pussy photo in the film were the result of clever filmmaking and camera tricks.

Were the Bed Scenes in “Lust, Caution” Real? | seborrheicdermatitistreatment.info

The scenes were performed in a private tang, with the presence of only Ang Lee and the cameraman. Terrible movie.

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Glad China banned Tang Wei, who is now married to a Korean man. I remember there was Finding Wei. RIght and Monster Hunt which both are a hit at the Box office.

Profile: Tang Wei

She is also coming out with a new TV series Empress of the Ming coming out next year. I would have to agree with you about her husband look, but I guess he makes her happy. I think if China was to banned Tang Wei, they should ban Tony Leung and everyone envolve with the film, why only banned the sex I am not criticizing her for marrying outside of her ethnicity.