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Legions of fans worldwide know Taylor Lautner as the oft-shirtless Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga movies, but he has been in some other movies and TV shows. While Taylor has yet to do a full blown nude scene, he does workout and keeps his body fit and fine so his numerous shirtless scenes look as good as possible.

Taylor Lautner

In The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 Taylor does have a scene where he strips it all off in front of a fellow cast member. Taylor said it was very embarrassing to shoot the scene and he had a very hard time not laughing hot ass teen girl flash he got into it.

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He lifts her up and the two get very into the passionate kissing. He also makes out with her in front of a news crew.

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Taylor is still young and has a long career ahead of him. He has plenty of time yet to find that perfect role where he can strip his clothes off and give us a full moon. When he does Mr. Man will be there with bells on.

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