The music lovers sex

The musical legacy of Ken Russell: composers' marble busts made flesh and blood

Composer, conductor and teacher Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky struggles against his homosexual tendencies by marrying, but unfortunately he chooses a wonky, nymphomaniac girl whom he cannot satisfy. Ken Russell Roy Baird. English Hungarian French. Roger Ebert criticised this film for being historically inaccurate and not showing that the creative seks force is fraught with hard work.

The Music Lovers

Yet he misses the point entirely here for it is a film directed by Ken Russell, a man seldom interested in fact perhaps he would have preferred a Tchaikovsky biopic to be made by dour realist, Bill Douglas, but I certainly know the sort of biopic I prefer. This, like much of Russell's work of the period, is pure cinema and a beautiful, and occasionally horrific, symphony of image and music.

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Whether it accurately captures the events in Tchaikovsky's life is immaterial, what is important is if it captures the essence of a man Russell wants to portray and…. The Music Lovers elicited this response lovers one of the all-time great film critics, Pauline Kael: Historically speaking, The Music Lovers follows the doomed heterosexual attempts by famed composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky Richard Chamberlain as he rises through the musical world by turning his back on his homosexuality and takes part in a sham of a marriage.

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I've seen four of Russell's 'music' films over the past month, but this is abbi secra porn one where the music feels the most central -- it's not used to tell the story or as a plot device, as in The Boy FriendMusicand Lisztomaniabut to the the emotions of Tchaikovsky and those trying to exploit him.

Russell sets this up from the very beginning, opening the film with a near reel-long performance of the Piano Concerto No. It's an exhilarating sequence, and just one of many sex are all the more impressive for allowing for Russell's trademark frenzied….

The camera pans from his face to his fingers, hitting the appropriate notes with godlike speed.